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Solid wooden kitchens are beautiful, elegant and durable; this is why they are growing in popularity throughout the world. Solid wooden kitchens stand out because of their character, charm and ability to retain all of their natural features. The use of highly skilled craftsmanship and high-quality wood makes solid wooden kitchens strong, sturdy and very practical. Choosing solid wood for your kitchen is extremely favourable towards the environment and can create a natural warmth within your home.

Solid wooden kitchens can be made with modern technology or crafted with traditional methods. At Marino Bespoke Interiors Maidstone, our highly skilled small team can craft each and every kitchen by hand in our productive workshop. We can create a wide range of kitchen designs, achieving styles such as country, classic, periodic and traditional kitchens for a stylish and comfortable living area.

Our solid wooden kitchens are generally made from high-quality ash, walnut and oak wood which have many great benefits. Ash, oak and walnut are strong, sturdy and beautiful. They are an ideal choice for kitchens with heavy traffic or those with larger families as they are more durable than some other types of wood. Oak is full of natural beauty with characteristic patterns and natural grains, it gives your home great warmth and a feeling of pure homeliness. Ash is lighter in colour and versatile, adding a smooth, clean look to your kitchen. Walnut cabinets are stunning, the swirling natural grains and patterns make your kitchen really stand out. Oak, ash and walnut are good investments for a permanent home, the heavy duty qualities and ability to withstand heavy traffic over long periods of time making them hugely popular.

Solid wooden kitchens have been popular for many years and have been a firm favourite kitchen material for many customers. They have many great benefits such as being strong and durable, practical, stylish, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and create a unique warmth within your home.

Here at Marino Bespoke Interiors Maidstone, we can help to design and build your perfect wooden kitchen. With the finest high-quality materials and precision crafting,  we can ensure that you receive a kitchen with is smooth, flawless and meets your exact measurements and requirements. We regularly inspect and test our kitchens to guarantee that they meet the highest possible standards. Our excellent customer service skills and close communication with our customers ensures that they are kept informed throughout every step of the process; from start to completion. Our aim is to complete your perfect kitchen which is stunning, high in quality, durable and practical for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.

If you would like any more information about solid wooden kitchens or any of our other bespoke kitchen services, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Marino Bespoke Interiors. We cover Maidstone and the surrounding areas throughout Kent. You can discuss your upcoming project ideas and receive a consultation for your ideal wooden kitchen. We look forward to hearing from you.

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