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What is a Shaker Kitchen?

Many people have heard of the term "Shaker kitchen", but few people are familiar with the origin of the phrase. Shaker furniture is a distinctive style of furniture developed by the "Shakers", an 18th century religious sect whose guiding principles were ones of simplicity and utility. These principles carried through into their work, and the Shaker kitchens we lovingly craft in our Maidstone workshop embody the honesty and integrity of the Shakers' original designs.

When used to describe kitchen styles, the word "Shaker" refers to the style of the kitchen cabinet door itself - the characteristic features of which are a simple square-framed design with a flat inset centre panel. The beauty of a shaker kitchen is in its simplicity - the clean lines and simple shapes are unobtrusive to the eye and give Shaker-style kitchens their elegant and sophisticated appearance, while the functional aesthetics are as much at home in a country kitchen as they are in a city apartment.

Shaker-Style Kitchens Lovingly Crafted in Kent

There is no other kitchen style quite like the Shaker, and there is no bespoke kitchen quite like a Marino bespoke kitchen. Every Shaker-style kitchen we make is lovingly crafted by hand in our Kent workshop by our skilled craftsmen and overseen by Joe Marino, a member of the Institute of Carpenters with over 10 years' experience of making beautiful bespoke kitchens for discerning clientele throughout Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone and across Kent and the South East.

When Only the Finest Shaker Kitchen Will Do

Using only the finest materials and applying tried and trusted techniques acquired over a decade of quality craftsmanship, Joe Marino's handmade kitchens are the last word in luxurious quality. We take great pride in our work and, like all of our handmade furniture, the quality of a Marino Shaker kitchen is unsurpassed.

We believe that the same care and attention that goes into making your Shaker kitchen look beautiful should be afforded to how it functions, and this is what sets us apart from other bespoke kitchen companies in Kent. Our clients have come to expect nothing but the finest quality craftsmanship from Marino Bespoke Interiors, and we take the responsibility of meeting those expectations very seriously indeed.

Shaker Kitchens in Oak, Walnut, Maple and More

Subtle variations in finishes and simple details mean that the Shaker-style kitchen offers tremendous versatility and flexibility. We can make Shaker kitchens in natural oak - which is reflective of the classic Shaker style - and we can also create painted oak variations, with white, cream and soft green finishes being among the most popular colour choices - especially for creating a country-cottage effect. For a modern twist on this classic style, a matt finish, polished nickel handles and polished stone worktops can be used to create a simple yet sophisticated look.

With its clean lines and functional aesthetics, the Shaker kitchen style lends itself well to experimenting with colour and material. At Marino we regularly mix materials and research different finishes and colour combinations to create unique and captivating Shaker kitchens. So whether you want a classic Shaker-style kitchen created with solid hardwoods such as oak, walnut and maple, or a modern kitchen with painted oak and granite worktops, Marino Bespoke Interiors will build you the Shaker kitchen of your dreams.

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